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This site holds Mark and Dana's photographs and videos etc.




1938 - ? Marks Family Assorted family pics from way back
1977 - ? CABAGE Connaught Auld Boys And Girls Epistle. My old university hallmates and reunions.
Jan 2006 Our World Cruise on MV Aurora Our first cruise. An amazing adventure to Australia and back, with lots of new friends along the way.
Feb 2007 Jeninne's Wedding Dana's best friend, and my first friend from Castle Arcanum, wedding in Wisconsin.
Feb 2007 New York After the wedding we had a short break in New York, in the cold and snow.
Apr 2007 Bissau My new job, out in Guinea Bissau, West Africa.
Dec 2007 Aurora Spainish Sojourn Christmas 2007 A Christmas cruise to get away from Christmas madness. Note: You cannot get away from Christmas on a cruise ship!
Apr 2008 Mummy's OU My mother's OU Graduation ceremony
Jun 2008 Baltic Ventura Amazing cruise right up to St Petersburg
Nov 2008 Kiruna, Sweden My sister and I on a search for the Northern Lights,in the northernmost town in Sweden, some 145 Km inside the Arctic circle. It was cold, damn cold.
Dec 2008 Tropical Delights, Ventura End of year holiday on the MV Ventura, to escape the cold and the dark.
Sep 2009 Aurora Party Cruise Cross channel partytime on MV Aurora
Aug 2010 Azura Med Cruise Our first time on Azura, and I got to go up the mountain into Roque de los Muchachos Observatory
Feb 2018 Valentines and Birthday in Rome Rome in spring, not so hot. A mix of modern culture and ancient monuments, lots of walking and great food.